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“We all need some help now and then, it’s only natural.”


I Have Over 16 Years Clinical Experience. 

Although life's problems and the ups and downs that go with them are often NOT unique: difficulties in relationships with spouses, significant others, children, teenagers, bosses, the loss of a relationship, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job or career and of the financial security it provided, the loss of one's health. The SOLUTIONS that I help people discover are TOTALLY UNIQUE for each client!!  

I Use a Strengths Based Point of View

I start with what my clients are already doing well in their lives and build on those STRENGTHS to move them to where they want to go next. I am supportive , respectful and validating and have created positive results for my clients in their relationships, in their careers and in their lives in general.  

What is EMDR and How Can It Help? Some Interesting Facts!

I have received extensive training in EMDR through the EMDR Institute. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). " A therapeutic method that must be administered only by mental health professionals trained in the procedure, EMDR frequently accelerates the treatment of trauma, anxiety, worry or depression. Reportedly, EMDR stimulates the brain's natural information-processing mechanisms, allowing the “frozen” traumatic or worrying information to be processed normally and achieve calm and relaxation and integration."

"EMDR" is a component of the FBI's integrated response to critical incidents. Negative images often fade; negative emotions subside. Worrying thoughts give way to appropriate, adaptive thoughts and interpretations (e.g., I did the best I could. I am now safe...I can exercise control). With EMDR, an individual discards what is not useful (e.g., worrying thoughts, distressing emotions, intrusive images), retains what is useful, and learns from the event."

 McNally, R. J., & Solomon, R. M. (1999, February). FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, 68(2), 20-26


 "A study comparing the effectiveness of Prozac vs. EMDR showed that EMDR was more successful than Prozac in achieving substantial and sustained resuctions in anxiety and depression." The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, January 2007


I also have training in Hypnotherapy through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis . . I also use cognitive behavioral therapy and other theories as needed. I help people thrive, not just survive, building on their strengths to create a joy-filled and purpose-full life.”